How COVID changes Delivery

How COVID changes Delivery

COVID-19 has massively changed every aspect of day-to-day life. From shopping to working out. When it comes to deliveries, there are new requirements and guidelines that must be adhered to that you may not be aware of. Read on to learn more about how the Coronavirus has changed how we deliver your products.


1.      Reliable Delivery

As aforementioned in a previous article, e-Commerce sales have risen by 129% thanks to the current pandemic. That’s why we are working closely with our clients to ensure we can meet the newfound demand to keep your customers happy and your business safe. We keep up to date with the latest guidelines set forth by the government in regards to logistics and general coronavirus preventative measures. We hope you’ll agree that being proactive in this way is vital to ensure you can depend on us to get your products out there,  as sudden outbreaks could ruin any supply chain – big or small as we saw at the beginning of the pandemic.


2.      Socially Distant Delivery

All of our drivers will respect current social distancing guidelines. This means minimising contact with others and the items we deliver. We encourage our operators to wear a mask when required, and the UK Government has taken measures to reduce in-cab checks on all logistics vehicles. This means you can rest assured knowing that a minimal amount of (socially distant) contact has occurred during transport, to keep everyone involved in the process safe and dependable when it comes to delivering your products.


3.      Essential Delivery

The government recommends that essential deliveries are carried out as a priority, this can mean that larger companies now have to delay non-essential delivery. Trusting us as an independent parcel provider, as part of one of the biggest delivery networks in the UK means you can rest assured knowing we are ready and willing to treat your delivery with the value it holds in the current struggling economy. Trusting national delivery also helps remove the hassle of problematic and ever-changing travel bans and guidelines. In-air logistics are constantly fluctuating in reliability, but we can ensure your products are getting across the UK every day, keeping the economy thriving as well as your business.


4.      The Future of Delivery

Thanks to COVID-19, the world has changed – and that includes how your customers are buying. E-commerce has fully cemented itself as a top contender for the primary way your customers are looking to purchase. In the new world, you will need a logistics solution you can always rely upon. You will need to have a powerful delivery network that can reach your customers across the UK, with the flexibility to work within ever-changing guidelines and situations.


YDL can help you match E-commerce demands, and prepare your business for the potential of a second wave without losing customers. Ensure you can reliably provide to your customers by trusting one of the most robust and dependable delivery networks today and work with us for the logistics solution you need.

Why you need a reliable logistics company

Why you need a reliable logistics company

The current COVID-19 crisis has created a range of unprecedented challenges for the retail industry. It has affected every aspect of the supply chain, from the sourcing of materials and production of goods through to the point of the sale, and this, of course, includes the logistics and transport chain.


More and more people have turned to online shopping. It is thought that it has surged by as much as 129% during the height of the pandemic. This has meant that more than ever, businesses need to have a reliable logistics company working with them. 


However, even before the worry of Coronavirus consumed the world, there was a need for a reliable logistics company, and once this has passed, there will still be a need for them.


But why do you need a reliable logistics company, like Just YDL?


It helps you to maintain an advantage over your competitors

It is a rewarding feeling to know that your customers will always receive your products on time and in good condition. You will be able to monitor the progress of your products as they are delivered to the recipient. 


However, the assurance that you are a step ahead of your competition in the industry is even more satisfying. That is precisely what a capable logistics company is doing. It puts you a step forward and enables you to maintain a competitive edge.

It helps to prevent loss

If your company is dealing with spoilage problems, losses, and theft of stock, it is highly likely that you do not have a reliable logistics service in place.    


A reliable logistics company, such as JUST YDL guarantees that the shipment will be handled with care and delivered in good condition and on time. It is what your logistics company does – if they don’t, you need to call us, pronto.


It gives your customers a great experience

Reliability and reputation are critical for a company, and the logistics service that you use will play a bit part in that. Your customers want their goods delivered quickly and safely. If you can give them that, they will come back time and time again. They do not your logistics plan – they don’t care. They just want an excellent experience from beginning to end, within the stipulated time frame.


It can help you to grow your business

All businesses strive to expand and scale-up, irrespective of its current size. Being able to grow your company indicates that you are doing the right thing in your sector. However, if you are trying to juggle too many plates, including organizing your own transport and shipping, trying to focus on growth might be one thing too many to deal with. When you take logistics out of the equation, knowing they are being handled by a reliable company such as Just YDL, you have more time and energy to look at what your business is doing well, and what you need to put into place to support an expansion.